Here come the holidays!

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First off I would like to wish our cousins to the south the very best of Thanksgiving’s. As we all know tomorrow is Turkey Day across the United States which marks the unofficial kick off to the Holiday Season here in North America. Before we know it the craziness will be in full swing as malls turn into war-zones, spending reaches ridiculous altitudes and family and friends gather to spread joy and elation. When the pandemonium hits my patients have a tendency to get away from their regimented health and wellness programs. It’s understandable so much to do, places and…

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What a Refreshing Weekend!

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This past weekend I traveled to sunny Orlando to take place in another Kennedy Decompression Technique seminar. It felt great refreshing my Decompression knowledge and talking to other professionals from across North America regarding this exciting and effective technology. While there I realized the importance of stressing to patients and the curious alike the importance of your Chiropractor in the process. A common misconception regarding Spinal Decompression Units is that they act as a magic machine, one in which little diagnosis, monitoring and parameters are set by the operator. NOT THE CASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is in fact quite untrue as without…

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Fall Clean Up

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Doc Talk w/ Dr. Huggins Adopt an Athlete Mindset After more than 25 years in practice I can tell you a phenomenon that never fails . Along come the leaves and everyone is out tackling all of those jobs put off all summer chomping at the bit to clean up before the snow arrives. Now after all those years I can tell you there is that group of people that come almost crawling into the office because they over did things. You need to adopt what I call Athlete Mindset…. a what you ask. OK consider this. Can you imagine…

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A new episode of DocTalk has hit the Internet on youtube. The episode focuses on proper ways in which to conduct yard work for the fall season. As we all know the leaves won’t stop dropping no matter how hard we rake and bag. It’s important for you to not over exert yourself and end up here in pain at the office. We discuss proper raking patterns, appropriate tools and disposal of yard waste. If you are at all interested please follow the link below to the official third episode of DocTalk. CLICK HERE for DOCTALK EP.3 Remember to subscribe to Dr.…

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Lest We Forget

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Chiropractic & Brigadier General Becky Halstead Today I would like to talk about the importance of Remembrance Day across the planet but first in a related topic I recently came across this article about Iraq and Afghanistan veteran Brigadier General Becky Halstead (U.S Army) and her experiences with Chiropractic. It is truly a fascinating piece that only takes a second to read so I truly implore you to check it out by following the link below: Retired General Touts Benefits of Chiropractic in the Military Remembrance Day On the 11th hour of the 11th day of 11th month we will…

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100% Risk Free Guarantee…

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Alliance Cares! No health practitioner can make guarantees in our field of healthcare. The human body is far too complex an instrument to make 100% determinations. What I can offer to each and everyone of our patients to wake through our doors is a 100% guarantee you will be satisfied with the care in which you have received here at Alliance Healthcare Guaranteed If for some reason you are dissatisfied with the quality care on your initial visit with any of our professionals your fees will be refunded. No Hassles At Alliance Healthcare Professionals, our mission is to provide the…

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