Chiro Kids….Health and Wellness Dr Brian Huggins Vol.1… 3 Back Pain in Pregnancy & Chiropractic

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  Up to 90% of women report some type of back pain that is associated with pregnancy. Many women are discovering the multiple benefits associated with chiropractic care during pregnancy. The most prevalent complaint where women search out chiropractic care in pregnancy is for low back pain. As more women use chiropractic care they are experiencing additional health benefits to chiropractic care in pregnancy. The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association is involved in many collaborative studies to show the efficacy and safety of chiropractic care in pregnancy. Chiropractors are participating in advanced specific chiropractic techniques which facilitate easier, safer deliveries for the mother…

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Chiro Kids….Health and Wellness Dr Brian Huggins Vol.1… 2 Breast Feeding and Chiropractic

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I don’t think that there are any Nay Sayers to the benefits of breast feeding. It provides not only a bonding with the newborn and mother, but those all-important nutrients as well as the mothers’ immunity passed onto the child. That being said there are many new mothers that have difficulty with either latching, production of milk, mastitis, or other feeding issues. It has become such a prevalent issue that there are lactation specialists whose job it is to solely help with breast feeding. There is evidence to show that Chiropractic care is helpful with many of the issues associated with feeding issues. From…

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