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Chiropody (footcare)

Chiropody Foot Pain ReliefChiropody is a specialized healthcare profession which focuses on the assessment, treatment and prevention of various foot disorders. Chiropody is beneficial from children to adults suffering from foot aliments. In the particular case of children many disorders can go unnoticed leading to later developments of conditions such as back pain, knee or hip pain.

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Diet and Nutrition OakvilleNutrition is great to counteract many disorders that can be a daily annoyance for many people for example we can address:

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Homeopathy TreatmentHomeopathy is a complete system of natural medicines using plants, minerals or animal products in small doses to maximize the body’s ultimate ability to heal itself. Through over 200 years of practice, Homeopathy has demonstrated its ability to assist the body in health and wellness optimization. Homeopathic remedies strive to stimulate the bodies own healing power rather then suppressing symptoms such as conventional medicine.

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Naturopathy MedicineAlso known as natural medicine, Naturopathy is alternative form of medicine that focuses on remedies that are all natural sources and teaches the body to heal and maintain itself. This is a holistic approach that minimizes the use of surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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Acupuncture Treatment OakvilleThere are certain times when pain is of particular discomfort. Clinical trials have shown that some patients respond acutely to this ancient Chinese modality called Acupuncture. Modern research shows that this could be due to the release of receptors at the cellular level in your body called endorphins. For this reason Acupuncture can bring positive results in the avenue of speeding up the healing process.

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