Jordan sought Chiropractic care for lower back pain and upper back and neck stiffness. He says “the pain made even the simple tasks both painful and difficult. [Chiropractic care] made movement such as even the painful motion of getting off the couch easier. [I noticed] better sleeping and better brain function. [At OCC] they know me and I’m not just a number! [Chiropractic Care] is to keep the spine strong and in proper place to prevent any future issues. You have only one body, don’t wait until something gets bad to address it, fix it while it is minor” 

Jordan S., 24, Oakville

I had an injury 30 years ago and I get recurrent sciatica. If you have never had this type on pain think of it like a toothache going all the way down your leg. I credit Dr Tiffany Huggins with keeping me on the job.  She helps me with the relief that I need when I need it.                    

Dave H

I work with functionally disabled people and I have to do some lifting that gets me in trouble. I get neck and lower back pain with my job, not to mention that I am a new mom…the only spot I seem to get help is with Dr Huggins…thx 

Nicole B

I have dealt with headaches since my teenage years. There is barely a day that I have not had some level of headache. I came to see Dr. Huggins a few years ago on recommendation from a friend of mine. I have tried everything to curb my headaches and nothing seemed to work. After an exam Dr Huggins said my headaches probably started with a car accident that I was in high school. That was more than 20 years ago. Anyway after a few weeks of care I noticed that my headaches weren’t every day and those that I was having were less intense. One night after a couple of months into my treatment I realized that I hadn’t had a headache in over a week. You don’t know what that means unless you suffer from headaches regularly. Now I still get the occasional headache but I am also under regular care. Dr Huggins says the only headaches I get now is when I earn them…tell my kids that.. Thank you for helping me. I thought chiropractic was crazy before but now I am a believer.      

Susan B

I was struggling for months with sleeping because of a neck problem. I changed pillows, I changed sleeping positions and nothing seemed to work. I went to see Dr. Huggins and after about 1 week of treatments, I was feeling better already. The pain was completely gone by week 3. I make a point to visit the Oakville Chiropractic clinic on a regular basis to maintain my health and wellness. Thank you doc! 


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