Chiropractic Pregnancy Care

Chiropractic Pregnancy CanadaPregnancy is both an emotional and exciting time. The body, due to the release of hormones is rearranging itself constantly to provide for new life and preparing for the delivery process. At this time the pelvic joints and ligaments are stretching to allow the body to deal with the stresses of pregnancy such as weight gain. There is also the component of anterior gravitational stresses. To imagine how this affects your body imagine carrying around a 10 pound bowling ball at the anterior pelvis. Don’t you think that would have some effect on your spine? Well of course it does.

Benefits of Chiropractic Pregnancy Care

The pelvis is imperative to your health and well-being as it acts as the base of the spine. For this reason mostly, pregnant women respond extremely well to chiropractic care. It is important for pregnant women to visit their chiropractor during and after their pregnancy to ensure a safe and healthy labour. We have special tools to make adjustments comfortable right up until birth. Our Chiropractors also employ special techniques to turn breached babies. This is a highly successful procedure.

It is also important for pregnant women to follow up after delivery to continue the healthy trends that had been established during the pregnancy. Chiropractic care combined with good nutrition and exercise can provide the factors to make your pregnancy a pleasant and life-changing experience. Your Oakville Chiropractor will make subtle and slight changes in the techniques utilized as your pregnancy progresses ensuring the ultimate comfort as you progress through the entire gestation process. We look forward to caring for you during this exhilarating time.

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