Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment

Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment OakvilleMotor Vehicle Accident victims need to be handled with the most care to ensure there is proper healing in the body to avoid injury later in life. With today’s fast pace world it’s easy to get caught up with stress on the road. Thousands of people trying to get to different places at the same time it can definitely add a certain degree of danger to our daily drives. That’s why our team at Oakville Chiropractic is well equipped to deal with the many complications of Motor Vehicle Accidents also referred to as MVAs.

There are no insignificant accidents in the realm of MVA’s. Many symptoms can lay dormant for long periods of time aggravating patients even years after the original accident. It is critical for everyone to be examined after even the most minor of incidents just in order to detect any symptoms that may later pose a threat to your health and wellness. A Chiropractic assessment serves many purposes, the first being the examination of the spine for any injuries that may be present and the second checking for spinal misalignments.

Remember if you wear out the motor in your car you can always get another one, but we can never replace our body, so why is it that we must never take our health for granted. MVA accident examinations are easy and comfortable and are covered by most insurance companies.


MVA Ontario CanadaWhiplash occurs when a person’s neck is suddenly snapped forward, backwards or sideways. Whiplash causes a variety of different symptoms, despite the obvious discomfort whiplash is also responsible for headaches, stiffness, blurred vision, neck pain and sometimes a tingling sensation in the arms and shoulders. It is interesting for many to hear that a 5KM accident can cause enough force to exert significant injury on the neck. Whiplash can also be caused by a variety of other incidents such as falling, or being pushed suddenly form behind etc… If you feel as though the discomfort in your neck could be whiplash come in and be checked out as X-Ray and SEMG examinations may be the only way to determine where the pain is originating from. Chiropractic adjustments can significantly decrease the pain of whiplash and ensure that inflamed tissues and serious neck problem can be avoided in the future. If whiplash is untreated it can lead into degenerative conditions of the spine. Remember any whiplash injury is a serious one and most likely covered by your insurance, so get in and get checked out by one of our Chiropractors.


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