Nutrition Management and Chiropractic

What Kind Of Nutritional Problems Can Our Doctors Address?

Diet and Nutrition OntarioNutrition is great to counteract many disorders that can be a daily annoyance for many people for example we can address:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

  • A nutritionist can help reduce “trigger foods” allowing the gut to heal
  • Stop diarrhea or constipation in their tracks
  • Increase mobility through effective applications that support medications

Arthritis (Osteoarthritis)

  • Increase mobility through effective applications that support medications

Weight Loss

  • Modifications in diet that agrees with the individual’s taste and lifestyle
  • Goal setting so that weight decreases with easy compliance and the individual can stay happy in their choice of food for life

High Cholesterol/Heart Disease

  • Simple steps that are often overlooked to improve condition of the arteries
  • Support metabolism to maximize results in cholesterol and blood pressure readings


  • Menu plan to support a client’s condition, taste and lifestyle
  • Trace offending foods and their ‘relatives’ to avoid surprises
  • Improve body tolerance for allergenic food where applicable


  • Improve appetite in conjunct with chemotherapy
  • Optimize food assimilation to complement healing
  • Strengthen the body system while on medical support

Are our Diets Hard to Follow?

Each diet is based on intense one-on-one consultation so we can gauge things like your eating habits, each individual’s condition, medications they could be on, supplements and food preferences. We truly believe that we arrive at poor health through poor lifestyle and food choices and vice versa return to health through wise diet and lifestyle. Adjustments in our diets are dictated by our client’s level of compliance and commitment. This can ensure maximum results and lasting long term effective results. If you are committed to make a difference it is not hard to follow as it is a conscious choice of you to make a difference, those who are not ready make a change the diet may be hard to follow.


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