Spinal Decompression Therapy

Healthcare Professionals claim between 70 to 85% of people will suffer with low back pain at some point during their life. In some cases, pain becomes so unbearable that it affects the patient in all avenues of life from personal to professional.

This struggle leaves patients looking for answers trying various methods that frequently yield disappointing results. Often patients will resort to a reliance on medication or expensive surgery just to cope. Fortunately for you, we may just have the answer you have been looking for at Oakville Chiropractic Centre.

It’s called Spinal Decompression Therapy and it is a new and revolutionary form of treatment designed specifically to combat low back pain. It is less expensive and far less invasive than surgery, Spinal Decompression Therapy works by effectively removing compressing forces in the spine hence “decompression”.

Patients will meet with Dr Huggins for a brief consultation to determine if Spinal Decompression Treatment is right for you. After you have been informed about the process in depth, you will undergo a series of 30-60 min treatments spanning over the course of two months.

How It Works

Spinal Decompression works by creating negative pressure on the intervertebral disc. This pressure allows previously compressed discs to receive fluid, blood, oxygen, and other nutrients the disc is devoid of. It is the increase of these substances that stimulate the disc allowing it to essentially heal itself.

Patients are treated on the Spinal Decompression Unit. The unit itself involves three elements: the Decompression Table, the Traction Unit and the Patient Harness:

  • Decompression Table: The table is the physical area where the patient will be situated during treatment.
  • Traction Unit: The Traction Unit is a computer-assisted program that creates the force pull during treatment. The traction is based entirely on input parameters that differ for every patient
  • Patient Harness: The Patient Harness is used to secure the patient to the table and is attached to the traction unit to create the force pull

Spinal Decompression Research

Recent studies have wielded amazing results, for example in a controlled test with 219 patients suffering from degenerative disc disease and herniated discs, 92% of patients improved. Furthermore, 86% of those patients showed immediate improvement of their symptoms.

Everyone knows there is no guarantee in healthcare, butSpinal Decompression Therapy has been proven to work time and time again through extensive research.

Once your treatment is complete patients will have another consultation with Dr. Huggins to reflect on the process and discuss changes in the patient’s lifestyle to assure your lower back pain does not return. He will address such issues as Ergonomics, daily routine, exercise, nutrition and diet.

If you have suffered with low back pain and want to start seeing some results Spinal Decompression could be perfect for you. Call Oakville Chiropractic Centre today and start down your road to happy, healthy living.


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