Stretching & Wellness Program

Stretching Program

How Stretching Improves Health?

Stretching is a vital part of the path to health and wellness. Stretching is essential as it prepares the body for strenuous activity. The muscles of the body work much like a rubber elastic band, if they are too tight they are likely to be brittle and break, whereas if the muscle is flexible like an elastic band it displays an improved range of motion and helps protect the body against injury.

Consider yourself ‘An Everyday Athlete’. An athlete would not think twice about taking the court, field, pitch or whatever without first preparing themselves for activity. Do you think that you are any different at work or in the garden or even the lifting chores associated with day to day living? Consider yourself as an athlete of industry.

Once examined by your Chiropractor to determine the condition of your skeletal joints and spine, a series of stretches can be developed to best suit your personal needs. This will in no doubt lead to minimized injury and maximized results whether working out at the gym or going for the goal in the game! Information to manage all your stretching needs can be provided at the Oakville Chiropractic Centre.


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