At the Oakville Chiropractic Centre, we often get inquires from patients or potential patients asking us about how many times they will have to come in order for the pain to go away. If you are dealing with pain issues related to an injury, illness or everyday life, it’s a good bet you would like your pain to go away as soon as possible! The question is, “how do you go about making that happen?”

When it comes to dealing with pain and body discomfort, the source of your pain or discomfort could be coming from almost anywhere in your body. Of course, you don’t want to be self-diagnosing health issues. Instead of doing that, you need to visit your doctor and find out exactly what is the source of your pain. That information will set the table with all of the pain relief options you have at your disposal. That would certainly include treatment from a chiropractor in Oakville.

Why You Should See a Chiropractor

You may have pain in your neck, back, joints or other areas of your body that a chiropractor can effectively treat. If that’s the case, you can assume you are dealing with something that has the potential to get worse over time. You may want to stop wasting your time thinking that your issues are going away on their own.

Your skeletal system is the framework that supports the rest of your body. When things go awry in your spine or joints, it’s going to have a profound effect on the rest of your health. It will likely inhibit your ability to move freely, which could prevent you from getting the exercise you need or even the mobility you need to get by on the daily. Without exercise, your potential for weight gain increases. Losing the ability to exercise could lead to increased weight gain and the extra weight is going to wreck havoc on the rest of your body. That’s not all.

When your physical health wanes, it tends to affect your mental state. It doesn’t take much for a physical health issue to cause mental health issues like depression and anxiety. An experienced chiropractor can help resolve most if not all of these kinds of issues.

If you live in Oakville, your first pain relief option should be a trip to see your local Oakville chiropractor. This option is will be your best choice if you want to avoid more intrusive options.

The Chiropractic Option

In the hands of a good chiropractor Oakville professional, you can get a wide range of chiropractic treatments. All treatments will focus on one thing and one thing only, improving your overall health.

You probably already know that chiropractors specialize in performing adjustments to your spine and skeletal joints. What you might not know is they also address muscle and soft tissue issues around the joints. At all times, the procedures they perform are intended to give you the pain relief you want and need.

What to Expect When you First Visit an Oakville Chiropractor

When you walk in for your first appointment, you will need to go through an initial consultation. Your chiropractor will be looking for specific information regarding your injury or condition, along with your health history.

After gathering all relevant details, there is a good chance your Oakville chiropractor will need imagery (X-rays, MRI) of the area or areas in question. They will use these images to do two things. First, they will want to make sure it’s safe to perform procedures on the area or areas in question. They won’t do anything that jeopardizes your health.

Second, they will use the images to chart the proper course of treatment. They should be able to target the right area or areas and make the right adjustments. When making adjustments, they will position you in ways that will allow them to safely apply pressure on your spine or joints. The forced control is necessary to safely move your bones and joints back to their proper positions.

Why Your Chiropractor Would Recommend Three Treatments to Start

For many patients, lasting pain relief in just a few weeks away. However, you would need to commit to the treatment process for as long as it takes to solve your pain issues. When your chiropractor feels the treatments have positively treated the pain, they will let you know where things stand and how you might proceed with your future treatments.

The primary reason your chiropractor in Oakville would want you to commit to at least three treatments in the beginning weeks is they need time to make assessments and properly treat the pain inflicted areas. The more they are able to treat the area, the better success they helping heal you. As caring professionals, they want to invest enough time to make sure they are addressing all of the possible issues.

Over the first three appointments, they should be able to make enough adjustments to determine what is helping. As long as treatment is moving in the right direction, they can continue charting the proper course of treatment.

How Long Should You Expect to Need Treatment

We’ll assume your longterm goal includes more than feeling better the first week. In all likelihood, you are looking for a chiropractic solution that will give you lasting relief from your pain issues. With this in mind, it’s hard to determine how long you will need to undergo treatments.

Here’s what we do know. Your pain issues did not appear overnight and they can’t be resolved overnight. You’ll know pretty quickly whether or not things are headed in the right direction by the way you are feeling after each appointment. We do suggest giving it time though. If you are feeling tender or some pain after your first treatment, it may be perfectly normal as your body is working to correct the issue and sometimes getting things back to normal does involve a some discomfort. You may feel great within the first few weeks, that’s great news. You can go about living a pain-free life, knowing you can always return for chiropractic adjustments as you need them.

As you contemplate your commitment to treatment, you should assume you will need several adjustments as a week for at least a few weeks. As a rule of thumb, you should consider your next treatment to be the most important one. Your chiropractor will let you know when everything is as it should be.

Factors That Determine Treatment

The actual number of treatments you might need will depend on several factors. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that could play a role in determining how long your treatment would last:

  • Health history
  • The extent of your injury or condition
  • The length of time you have been dealing with your injury or condition
  • The location of your injury or condition
  • Your lifestyle (nutrition, exercise, vices)
  • Your treatment goals
  • Additional Information

As you contemplate working with a chiropractor, there are things you might not realize about your condition. The body is an amazing machine. It has a way of compensating for things that get out of whack. Whether you realize it or not, your injury or condition may have been with you longer than you realize. That would certainly be the case if your body has been overcompensating to keep you functioning as normal as possible. The pain is telling you everything is not okay.

Your treatment goal should be to allow your chiropractor in Oakville as much time as they need to work their magic. The time you invest and the commitment you make to the process will reward you with better health and a more active lifestyle.

If you are tired of dealing with pain, a series of chiropractic treatments might be all you need to feel better. Of all your options, this is the one that would be least intrusive. As chiropractor Oakville professionals, we would be happy to consult with you about your medical circumstances and our treatment options. If you would like to schedule your first appointment, you should give us a call at your earliest convenience at 905-845-2291.

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