The Amazing Solution to the Common Cold

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It is important to understand that the common cold, like the flu is a virus. This virus is around us all of the time and when our immune system is functioning at its full capability we are easily able to fight off viruses. It is when our system of defense is compromised that the virus begins to build in our system and we are no longer able to fight it. This is when we begin to experience the symptoms of a common cold.                   The body is extremely intelligent and has the innate…

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What causes headaches?

January 15/2016 By
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A good majority of headaches are cervicogenic, meaning it is coming from the cervical spine (the neck). A healthy spine has a cervical curve and when we lose this curve we often get headaches. The curve can be lost from a motor vehicle accident or whiplash. It can also occur from prolonged periods of forward neck movement such as texting or typing on a tablet or computer. When the cervical vertebrae are out of alignment it puts pressure on the nerves that go up into the skull and causes headaches. By adjusting the cervical spine and correcting these problems we eliminate headaches. During an adjustment an activator…

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