Infertility And Chiropractic

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Woman Looking At Pregnancy Test

Chiro Kids…Health and Wellness Dr. Brian Huggins Vol. 1…1 Infertility and Chiropractic I couldn’t count the number of women during pregnancy, children, and those trying to get pregnant that I have seen over the years in practice. I have turned breach babies with chiropractic technique. My wife and I birthed our three children at home and I became many years ago a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. I must admit as my children grew into adulthood I did not beat the drum as much for chiropractic and children or at least screaming the message out there to those…

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Effective Ways To Maintain A Healthy Heart

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Take Care Of Your Heart

February is National Heart Health Month and most of us know the importance of maintaining a healthy diet, exercising and good sleep habits to prevent heart disease, but did you know that chiropractic adjustments are also an effective way to maintain heart health and fight heart disease? Even if the nerves in your chest were not connected to your heart, your heart would still beat. This is because of the sinoatrial node that maintains your heart rate. Left on its own, the sinoatrial node would keep a constant, invariable rhythm, whether you were exercising or sleeping. Thankfully there are nerves…

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Tips For Safe And Healthy Traveling

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Safe And Healthy Traveling

The colder weather has now arrived and it is a great time to travel to warmer climates. Vacations are a wonderful way to spend time with friends and family and relax, however, airports and plane travel can often be stressful and physically demanding. Here are a couple tips from Oakville Chiropractic to make your travels easy and help to you to arrive at your destination feeling healthy, refreshed and ready to go. Pack right Check heavy items and bags that are heavier than 10% of your body weight. For your carry-on, use a suitcase with wheels and a sturdy handle…

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