Chiropractic Celebrates 118th Birthday!

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In September of 1895, a Canadian by the name of Dr. Daniel David Palmer, born in Pickering, was working as a healer in Davenport Iowa. He worked in a building on Brady St. and was studying the art of various forms of healing. It was there that he met an African American by the name of Harvey Lillard. Harvey was the janitor and explained to Dr. Palmer that he was almost completely deaf and had been that way for some 17 years. He said that he was bending over in a tight spot and heard a pop in his spine…

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The Most Economical Neck Pillow and Exercise Program Ever!

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Over the past three decades I have dealt with thousands of patients that have suffered from whiplash type symptoms to the neck. One of the key issues of neck pain and whiplash associated syndromes is the simple fact that we begin to lose our postural integrity. This leads often to an anterior head carriage or in other words the head drifts forward. The postural ideal from the side is that your ear should be carried over your shoulder. With driving, computers, gaming, mobiles, texting etc. we have a propensity to carry the head forward. This can lead to a myriad…

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