Can a Chiropractor Help With Migraines?

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Frequent headaches are experienced by an estimated 47% of the global population, so chances are that you or someone you know is a frequent headache sufferer. Many people struggle to find solutions, cures or ways to manage their chronic headaches and in some cases, they can be severely debilitating. For some people medications are not very effective and some people do not want to always have to reach for a pill bottle to find relief. There is also the scary reality of being addicted to pills. Some people have tried “everything” and are turning to chiropractors as a last resort.…

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Back to School Chiropractic Exam

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As Steve Miller said it many years ago “time keeps on slipping into the future”. Oh yes it does. The past few days I have heard the jingle to promote the CNE and as a child, my family and I were lucky enough to spend our summers at the cottage. We would move on the day school finished and move back home on Labour Day. The news that the Ex was starting was end of our summer holidays. The dread of heading back to school was wearing. I still have a bit of anxiousness when I hear the song “Let’s…

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