A Guide to Proper Office Posture – Part 2

February 25/2019 By

Last blog we talked about the first step to combatting the aches and pains of working in an office.  How you set up your workspace dictates your posture. Sitting in bad or abnormal postures for extended periods of time can lead to muscle aches and imbalances that can just feed into the problem.  In this blog I am going to outline some simple exercises that can be done in the office to help retrain some of those postural muscles to keep and provide some relief from sitting all day. Exercise 1: Seated Chin Tucks Purpose: activation of the deep neck…

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A Guide to Proper Office Posture – Part 1

February 02/2019 By

If you are like most people that work at a job where you sit all day working on a computer, chances are you have realized how bad your posture is/can get. You have also probably experienced the constant aches and pains that come along with it. I’m talking about the dull, stiff, ache at the base of the neck and between the shoulders and the mild discomfort in your lower back. It is something that we see at Oakville Chiropractic Centre all the time and we want to help you with. Now I realize that sitting with proper posture for…

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Can Chiropractic Treatment help with Pregnancy Back Pain?

January 16/2019 By

While pregnancy can be a wonderful and beautiful process, it can also be very taxing on the body. Many people are unaware of the positive effects that Chiropractic treatments can have on the body during pregnancy. Studies report that over 50% of all pregnant mothers will experience low back and/or pelvic pain at some point during their pregnancy. Pregnancy related low back pain can have a severe effect on their daily routines and their ability to enjoy life. There are multiple reasons and causes as to why low back pain is so prevalent in the pregnant population. First, the body…

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December 31/2018 By

Part 3: A Guide to Goal Setting Hello again, welcome to part three of three of our New Year’s Resolution series. In case you missed part one “How to diet…Or Not To” and part two “No Gym No Problem” make sure to go and check them out. This week we are talking about a very important topic that normally goes overlooked: How to set proper goals. When it comes to New Year’s resolutions most people think of things or activities they want to start, or stop doing; such as “I’m going to start eating healthy” or “I’m going to start…

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December 21/2018 By

Part 2: No Gym? No problem Hi everybody, this is part two of three of our New years resolution series, in case you missed the first part “How to diet…Or Not To” make sure you check that out. This week I am sharing my ideas on the best way to approach the exercise and fitness portion of your New Year’s resolutions if traditional gyms aren’t quite your “thing”. Gyms and fitness centres around the world can’t wait for the New Year to come around. Their gyms are packed with people trying to fulfil their resolutions, and a lot of these…

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December 10/2018 By

With the season of New year’s resolutions upon us, many of us will take on goals with aims of bettering our health.  Whether the goal is to lose 10 pounds, 50 pounds, or just to live a healthier lifestyle, whatever your motivations are, we all start in the same place:  How do I do it?  In this Three-part blog series, I will share with you my advice, tips, and tricks to a successful new year’s resolution.  Part one will talk about dieting, part two will talk about exercise, and in part three we will tackle how to set proper and…

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