How to relieve tension and low back pain?

November 28/2019 By
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Every year, hundreds of thousands of North Americans deal with debilitating back pain. People are suffering from all different types of back pain. Some deal with chronic pain, some deal with pain from an injury, long periods of slouching or sleeping the wrong way. Regardless of the cause, back pain can limit your daily activity. There are so many different causes and types of back pain. Today we are going to focus on how to help you relieve mid-back pain and tension (relieving stiffness in the thoracic spine). About the Spine? The spine is very complex. The whole body is…

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How do you know if your child’s backpack is safe?

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As you all know, back to school is just around the corner! For all of you parents who are sending off your little ones to JK for the first time, don’t worry, they will be just fine! While it may be a sensitive time for some parents, others are jumping for joy. As we prepare for back to school with new clothes and school supplies, it is important that parents and students understand the implications of their apparel, specifically BACKPACK SAFETY! Did you know that in 2012, there were more than 24,000 people treated for backpack-related injuries? Of those patients,…

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Welcome Back Intersegmental Mobilization Table (a.k.a the Anatomotor)

October 30/2017 By
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Dear Oakville Chiropractic Patients, We are very excited and pleased to announce that our beloved intersegmental mobilization massage table (or as referred to around the office, the Anatomotor) is back in action! For those of you who are not familiar with what an Anatomotor is, please have a read through this article to educate yourself. For those of you who have been waiting patiently, we would like to extend one FREE treatment on our new Intersegmental Mobilization Massage Table. Simply call us at 905-845-2291 to schedule your Chiropractic Adjustment and mention this blog to receive your free session. What is…

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