As you all know, back to school is just around the corner! For all of you parents who are sending off your little ones to JK for the first time, don’t worry, they will be just fine! While it may be a sensitive time for some parents, others are jumping for joy.

As we prepare for back to school with new clothes and school supplies, it is important that parents and students understand the implications of their apparel, specifically BACKPACK SAFETY!

Did you know that in 2012, there were more than 24,000 people treated for backpack-related injuries? Of those patients, more than 9,500 were between the ages 5-18 (according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission).

Here are some interesting stats about backpack carriers:

  • Of the students aged 12-17 that carry backpacks, 60% of them are carrying bags that weight 10% more of their body weight.
  • Of the students aged 12-17 that carry backpacks, 20% of them are carrying bags that weight 15% of their body weight.

Backpacks can have a huge influence on the growth and forming of our spine and of course, posture. It may sound like a funny topic to some people, but these injuries could follow you into your adult life as a chronic and degenerative. With that said, these are issues you want to address now so they aren’t there to drag you down later in life.

Backpack tips:

  • Limit backpack weight and balance weight proportionally
  • Select a backpack with wider shoulders straps which will help disperse weight
  • Always use both shoulder straps to even out the load
  • To put less stress on the spine, ensure heavier items are placed closest to the lower back in the pack
  • Consider the size of the backpack (bigger is not always better)

All in all, when you send your kid/kids off to school this year, if you notice that they are leaning their head forward to compensate the weight in the bag, this should tell you that you need to revisit what is in your children’s bag!

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To learn more about backpack safety and tips, check out the below infographic found below:


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