What Alliance is all about!

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Alliance Healthcare Professionals When I attend conferences and seminars I am often asked what Alliance Healthcare Professionals is all about. Over the years the answer has become quite simple and concise. Alliance Healthcare is about a value added healthcare experience that stems from the knowledge base and expertise of committed healthcare providers. Throughout our tenure at Alliance we have strived to provide patients with timely and educated information which empowers them to make proper choices for themselves and their familes. In the midst of the holiday season we would love to share that knowledge with you and your family. So…

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Some Fun For Friday Afternoon

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Friday Friday!!!! Well it’s the first Friday of the Holiday Season and I figure that was grounds enough to have some fun! As many of you know I have quite a love affair with famous quotes, word origins and quirky everyday expressions. It all started with my father, who use to iterate phrases and proverbs that would not only make you learn and laugh, but also with some would make you contemplate what was even being relayed. With it being Friday and all I thought I would share with you some of my favourite health quotes (from from famous…

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The Boomers Directory to Health and Wellness/The Guide to Incredible Health and Wellness…. Dr Brian D Huggins

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Here it is the final step of my preliminary guide to health for the boomer generations. Remember to send any questions to our email at or visit our webpage thanks in advance…. The time comes in every person’s life when inner reflection and self assessment can lead to some less than flattering conclusions. As a doctor and health practitioner I know the tenants and principles of health and wellness. I know what needs to be done to maintain ones health and wellness. The trap comes in execution. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Gone to…

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