A Jumbo Jet Crashes and Kills all on Board Every Day

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Jumbo Jet Crashes and Kills all on Board Every Day Wait a minute…what are you talking about. If a jet crashed every day for the past year everyone would of heard about it… let me explain. I am sure everyone heard that Philip Seymour Hoffman died from an illegal drug overdose recently. I think everyone is cognizant of the perils of these drugs. What is less known and talked about is the death rate from prescription drugs. The low estimates of 100,000 per year up to 750,000 die from prescription medications each and every year with the numbers only increasing…

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Autism Treatments that No One Speaks About

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April 2 is Autism Awareness Day. If you know someone that is raising a child with autism you know the difficulties that are faced on a daily basis. The incidence of autism is rocketing over the past few decades. The origins and causes are discussion for another day. There are also two camps in what the mechanism is in that one suggests autism is a gut issue and of course the other neurological. “Although there is no known cause for autism, various potential etiologies are under investigation. A number of abnormalities are found in multiple systems and functions in the…

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