Jumbo Jet Crashes and Kills all on Board Every Day

Wait a minute…what are you talking about. If a jet crashed every day for the past year everyone would of heard about it… let me explain.

Jet CrashesI am sure everyone heard that Philip Seymour Hoffman died from an illegal drug overdose recently. I think everyone is cognizant of the perils of these drugs.

What is less known and talked about is the death rate from prescription drugs. The low estimates of 100,000 per year up to 750,000 die from prescription medications each and every year with the numbers only increasing in North America.

That is 270 per day on the low side. Can you imagine if a plane crashed every day! Would there not be uproar about safety.  This is your captain speaking… we have a 60% chance of arriving without any incidence. Yes when you add in ADR’s or adverse drug reactions the numbers skyrocket into the millions.

Why is there not more hue and cry? Figures for 2005 reveal that the pharmacy industry is north of $250 Billion. To put this into perspective the entire budget for the Province of Ontario was around 75 billion.

Now do not get me wrong… I am not advocating that drugs do not have their place in the management of sickness and maintenance of well-being. What I do think is a problem is the blind use and abuse of many of these drugs. All drugs are poisons… that are how they work…they typically stop a body action or increase it.

Recently Dr Mercola wrote a piece on the perils of Tylenol and the devastating effect it can have on our systems. Most homes would probably have a bottle of this in their drug cabinet. Hundreds a year die from this because the liver just shuts down and says enough is enough.

So the next time you reach for that pill bottle just understand that there are certain risks associated with their use. Try to get your own body functioning at its highest level in order to reach optimum health and wellness.

Dr Brian Huggins

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