The Boomers Directory to Health and Wellness/The Guide to Incredible Health and Wellness – Part 1

November 19/2013 By
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“There is an infinite wisdom of the universe and we either accept it and live within its confines or ignore and ultimately pay the consequence of our ignorance. “Dr Brian D Huggins I guess that being a boomer myself qualifies me in a certain aspect of being an expert for our demographic. Before we get into the details of health and wellness I want to take a little time and reflect on the boomers’ collective past. Well I guess for reasons of my particular family I have changed the boomer demographic slightly. Although the actual years of birth are 1946-1964…

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Vaccinations and Autism

November 12/2013 By

Observers are calling it a national emergency as the rate of autism among children in the US and around the world is rising by as much as 800 percent. Health authorities offer no explanations but all of the research centers around childhood vaccinations which are conducted worldwide. Autistic behavior emanates from a change in the brain’s output of serotonin, which can be caused by toxic metals or toxins originating in the gastrointestinal tract.This report reveals two major causes of autism: mercury overload from preservatives in vaccines or a sub-acute tetanus toxin infection of the gastrointestinal tract which results from the…

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