“There is an infinite wisdom of the universe and we either accept it and live within its confines or ignore and ultimately pay the consequence of our ignorance. “Dr Brian D Huggins

I guess that being a boomer myself qualifies me in a certain aspect of being an expert for our demographic. Before we get into the details of health and wellness I want to take a little time and reflect on the boomers’ collective past.

Well I guess for reasons of my particular family I have changed the boomer demographic slightly. Although the actual years of birth are 1946-1964 I think you almost have to include a couple of years on either end as they have gone through the same experiences that we have.

For me I am a ‘52 model and garnered a lot of experiences as I was the youngest of six. I am sure that we have all had some common thread boomer history.

Through the late fifties I recall the power of Elvis along with Little Richard and Jerry Lee even though they are kind of the prior generation they still influenced the music. I would venture that many of the earlier boomers will recall the arrival of the TV and the later group witnessed the growth of the programmes thru the sixties. Do you know what I am saying Will Robinson?

I believe our demographic has witnessed perhaps the most radical changes in mankind since the end of WWII. The technology alone is moving so quickly most of are already lost. We don’t speak geekanese or at least speak it fluently.

Over the years we have all witnessed various trends in health. I think that we must come to the conclusion that truths in health do not change. When we are faced with the drug of the month or surgery de jour the outcome of health and wellness is often compromised.

For example when I attended grade school at least a couple of times a year the mobile x-ray truck showed up at the school and chest films were done on every child. If that was truly necessary for health and wellness ask yourself why that wouldn’t be done today. In shoe stores you could try on a shoe and stick your foot in a machine that would show you your foot bones with fluoroscopy. Naturally they finally figured out that if this was kept up parts would start falling off with excess radiation. More in Part 2.

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