Run…or Dye Trying!

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One thing my Dad (And Chiropractor) always said when we were younger (and to this day) was that if you want to achieve your goals, you need to write them down, read them, re-read them, and take the necessary steps to make them happen. Last New Year’s Day, we all sat around the dinner table enjoying the first meal together of 2014 when we began sharing our resolutions for the upcoming year. It was here we vowed to work out more, eat less, and my brother and I decided we would complete a 10 and 5K run respectively. For those…

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While My Guitar Gently Weeps….or How to Insure Health

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Well you do not have to be a guitar aficionado to appreciate the beautiful sound of a well-tuned and crafted instrument.  Is that stunning sound a Martin, Gibson or Larivee? As a matter of fact it does not matter what instrument that you are partial to as long as the sound is the right pitch and resonance. Any instrument needs to be well tuned….otherwise a stairway to heaven could sound like the highway to hell. Now turn the tuning pegs of the guitar randomly in any direction and what does that fabulous guitar sound like?? Sour …. Out of sorts……

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