Well you do not have to be a guitar aficionado to appreciate the beautiful sound of a well-tuned and crafted instrument.  Is that stunning sound a Martin, Gibson or Larivee? As a matter of fact it does not matter what instrument that you are partial to as long as the sound is the right pitch and resonance. Any instrument needs to be well tuned….otherwise a stairway to heaven could sound like the highway to hell.

Now turn the tuning pegs of the guitar randomly in any direction and what does that fabulous guitar sound like?? Sour …. Out of sorts…

Well I use this metaphor for your spine and nervous system. ….

As I am sure that you know the brain and nervous system controls every, yes every function in your body. Not only the digestion of food and repair of tissue but right down to the minutest detail of our body. When your spine is in tune it allows the nervous system to function at its highest potential.

When you are functioning at 100% you are in the groove mentally, physically and spiritually!

Now consider by means of an interference that you are no longer 100% ….but diminished to 90..75…60% … or even lower.  Interferences in the spine are termed Vertebral Subluxations….whoa there say what?  … A vertebral subluxation is just a 10 cylinder word meaning one or more of the vertebrae in your spine is out of its normal position and is causing interference to the nervous system. If there is interference to the nervous system you cannot function at 100%… it is just physics.  Some have called it a pinched nerve but that discussion is for another day.

A study at the University of Colorado conducted on nerve pressure by Dr Seth Sharpless found that the weight of a dime on a nerve root can decrease that nerves function by 60%…. boom goes the dynamite.

That is what we do here at this office…detect and adjust vertebral subluxation so that you can express your health to a higher level. If you are not getting your spine checked on a regular basis you are missing out on your best health and wellness…. You are either moving toward life and health or moving toward the long nap…your call. Call the office for a Spinal screening today for a better health tomorrow…… Dr H

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