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Homeopathy Treatment OntarioHomeopathy is a complete system of natural medicines using plants, minerals or animal products in small doses to maximize the bodies ultimate ability to heal itself.

Through over 200 years of practice Homeopathy has demonstrated its ability to assist the body in health and wellness optimization.. Homeopathic remedies strive to stimulate the bodies own healing power rather then suppressing symptoms such as conventional medicine.

Homeopathic remedies are an efficient, natural and risk free alternative to natural medicine. Being that there are no known side effects the treatment responds well with pregnant women, children and the elderly.

Classical Homeopathy

Classical Homeopathy is conducted by examining a patient both physically and through interview to extract the totality of patients symptoms. Classical Homeopathy recognizes that all illnesses are caused by disharmony and irregulations within the body. In essence it is not the disease that needs to be cured but the body itself firstly. Classical Homeopathy administrates one remedy at a time. This is because the remedy is viewed in an overall picture as pertaining emotional, mental and the physical state of the patient. In addition supplements can be prescribed along with homeopathic medicine to deal with more superficial complains like deficiencies of minerals and/or vitamins.
Modern Homeopathy

Also known as Homotoxicology, Modern Homeopathy is based on the integration of the best of medical science with the greatest advantages of Homeopathy. Homotoxicology views diseases as an expression of the defensive effort of the body against toxins to expel them. Homotoxicology attempts to influence these sick organs throughout the body by releasing the natural power of healing through various remedies. Detoxification and drainage through various techniques are therefore an integral part of Modern Homeopathy and are the focus of much of the discipline.

Light and Chromo Therapy

Light and Chromo Therapy is a Homeopathic method based on the idea of the body reverting light into Electrochemical energy. This energy in turn has the ability to have a biochemical reaction with various cells causing the bodies’ metabolism to be stimulated while reinforcing the immune system. Light and Chromo Therapy has been responded to very well by our patients as it can be an invigorating process. Please contact us with any questions or concerns about Light and Chromo, or any of our other Homeopathic methods.


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