Chiropody (footcare)

Chiropody is a specialized healthcare profession which focuses on the assessment, treatment and prevention of various foot disorders.

Chiropody is beneficial from children to adults suffering from foot aliments. In the particular case of children many disorders can go unnoticed leading to later developments of conditions such as back pain, knee or hip pain.

In addition to this the geriatric population can significantly improve their health with the help of Chiropody. Chiropody can extremely decrease the pain of lesions, the long term effects of diabetes and can help immensely with rheumatoid arthritis.

Chiropodists are often relied upon by physicians and other healthcare professionals to consult on such foot disorders as:

  • Tick nails and conservative ingrown toenail treatment
  • Permanent ingrown toenail treatment by surgical management with local anesthetic and phenolization.
  • Painful corns or callous formations
  • Fungal nail or skin infections
  • Plantar warts or lesions
  • Localized heel or arch pain
  • Management of the diabetic foot specializing in wound management and rheumatoid foot
  • Custom prescription orthotics / footwear

Chiropody Footcare OntarioChiropody appointments are not covered by OHIP unfortunately but are covered by most third party insurance groups, Extended Health Care plans, Veterans Affair Benefits and Workers Compensation.


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