I don’t think that there are any Nay Sayers to the benefits of breast feeding. It provides not only a bonding with the newborn and mother, but those all-important nutrients as well as the mothers’ immunity passed onto the child.

That being said there are many new mothers that have difficulty with either latching, production of milk, mastitis, or other feeding issues.

It has become such a prevalent issue that there are lactation specialists whose job it is to solely help with breast feeding.

There is evidence to show that Chiropractic care is helpful with many of the issues associated with feeding issues.

From the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association Journal we have the following:

Based on case studies and the volumes of previous research, researchers concluded that subluxations (spinal misalignments) and the neurological interference they cause play a major role in Hypolactation (decreased production of milk).  The researchers suggest, “Chiropractic evaluation for subluxations would be a key element in the holistic assessment of the failure to establish milk supply in the post-partum patient.”

Upon review of literature it only makes sense for both pregnant women and new mothers to be under chiropractic care in order to function at their highest potential.

Who do you know? Who can you tell? It is only with your help that we can spread the word and help new mothers that can quite frankly be overwhelmed by the new experience. Your referrals to chiropractic and this office are greatly appreciated.

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