Doc Talk w/ Dr. Huggins

Adopt an Athlete Mindset

After more than 25 years in practice I can tell you a phenomenon that never fails . Along come the leaves and everyone is out tackling all of those jobs put off all summer chomping at the bit to clean up before the snow arrives. Now after all those years I can tell you there is that group of people that come almost crawling into the office because they over did things.

You need to adopt what I call Athlete Mindset…. a what you ask. OK consider this. Can you imagine any professional athlete after being virtually dormant for the past 4-5 months taking the field, ice, pitch, whatever and attempting to function at full capacity. Well of course they wouldn’t. They have things like Spring Training to address fitness and function.

Now think of yourself. Are you any different because you are swinging a garden tool as opposed to a bat? The philosophy you need to adopt for every time that you tackle a more physical task.

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