Who we are:

  • Naturopathic doctors are fully trained medical professionals in diagnosing and treating most health concerns, but instead of using pharmacological interventions, we try to uncover the root cause of disease and use natural therapies to bring you back to health.
  • Since we spend so much time with our patients, we are better able to understand you as a whole and how all of your systems work together: if one thing is off, it can throw all of your other systems into disarray.  As a result, we tend to have very good success with chronic conditions where other healthcare providers have not.

What I treat:

  • Anyone with anything and everything.
  • There are no conditions that I feel I cannot help you with, yet should you require more help than what I have to offer, I can cater your treatments to work well with other ones you are doing.
  • Even if you are healthy, I am happy to do well-being health checks or discuss results from other healthcare providers, including: age-related screening tests, routine blood-work, food sensitivities, allergies, and diet and exercise refinement.

How I treat:

  • I cater all treatments to the individual, not your condition, thereby increasing patient compliance and outcomes.
  • I use an eclectic array of diet and lifestyle modifications, nutraceuticals, botanical medicine, homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine and physical therapies.

Why I treat:

  • I believe that you deserve to be the happiest and healthiest you can be: whether that’s with your own health or outlook on life I thoroughly enjoy having a small part in helping you achieve your goals and becoming empowered to continue on your path of happiness and health.

How the visits are covered:

  • I am always happy to spend 10-15 minutes chatting with you about your concerns and what I can do to help, free of charge.
  • Most benefit packages cover naturopathic medicine for up to $500, and with the recent government acceptance of our services to exclude HST, you can now get an initial consult and more than 4 follow up visits fully covered.

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