Pregnancy is nothing new to the staff here at the Oakville Chiropractic Centre. In the past 2 years our staff has had 4 babies! See what our Oakville Chirorpactor, Dr. Nishma Appanna has to say about minimizing back pain during pregnancy.

Did you know that at least half of pregnant women experience back pain? Pregnancy can cause a lot of stress on your spine and the muscles around your low back. With all the extra weight the mother carries during these 9 months it can be tough for her to carry on with her daily routines.

So, you might be thinking what causes pregnancy related back pain in the first place? When a woman is pregnant it is normal to gain 30 pounds if not more and you can imagine with all this extra weight it places a great deal of stress on the mother’s low back and lower spine. If you thought an extra 30 pounds was enough during the third trimester of pregnancy the body releases a hormone called relaxin. Relaxin is used to loosen the joints to allow the pelvis to accommodate the growing uterus. These loose joints force the muscles of the back and pelvis to work overtime in order to keep the mother upright and balanced but in return can lead to excruciating pain.

Here are five tips you can consider if you are pregnant and experiencing low back pain:

  1. Exercise: Long gone are the days where women believed exercising could hurt the baby. In fact, exercising can be very beneficial to help strengthen low back muscles in order to support back pain. Make sure to always consult your health care provider before starting an exercise regime. Some activities we recommend are swimming, walking, or stationary cycling.
  2. Sleep position: Try sleeping on the left side in order to reduce the pressure placed on your uterus. This position can also optimize the blood blow to you and your baby.
  3. Pillow Position: Place a pillow below your knees to take pressure off your low back when sleeping on your side.
  4. Support your body: With all that extra weight you’re carrying it is more important than ever to support your body. Make sure to wear flat supportive shoes and ask your Chiropractor about using a lumbar support pillow on your chair at home or work.
  5. Take breaks: Remember to take breaks during pregnancy with your feet elevated. This gives your body a chance to relax and reset if your back is feeling aggravated.

Another thing you can do is get adjusted! If you are pregnant, schedule an appointment with a Chiropractor. Our own Oakville Chiropractor, Dr. Brian Huggins, has been treating pregnant women for 40 years and we have had so many success stories. If you are interested, call us at 905-845-2291.

Dr. Nishma Appanna D.C.

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