brain-hugginsI happened to across some research recently regarding the criteria for diagnosing ADD/ADHD syndrome in children. Included were the common symptoms of excessive fidgeting, difficulty remaining seated, daydreaming, not seeing projects through, extreme difficulty playing quietly, poor listening skills, repeated acts of dangerous behaviour without fully thinking of consequences and the list went on and on….

Now that’s something to think of isn’t it? If these are the parameters in which ADD/ADHD is attributed to millions of children across the globe, shouldn’t we all have been diagnosed as children?

I relay that most of us as children exhibited one or another of these behaviours during our time in school. The insanity is apparent, millions of parents across North America have frantically scrambled after receiving news of their child’s diagnosis and what is the first thing they are told to do? Of course, prescribed treatment of drugs such as Ritalin, Dexedrine, and Cylert. What else are they to do? With no alternative to drug therapy children from a very young age are being transformed by DRUGS! I think a question which must be proposed here is, does it make any sense in the world that a seven year old or even as young as a toddler should be placed on a drug descriptively named on the street “Speed”?

Furthermore there is absolutely no long-term study as to the effects of these drugs over a long period of time. Short term effects are evident… loss of appetite, headaches, emaciation, insomnia, weight loss, facial tics, loss of self esteem, mood swings, risk of liver damage, oh and that is just to name a few.

So I ask you this question what if eccentrics like Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison were placed on these Class II narcotics?Both struggled in school displaying many of the attributes mentioned above. What if two of the greatest minds of the 20th century had been subdued by mind altering medications?

Neither excelled in school early on but I think only a fool would deny their marks on modern society. What is the problem here, are our children being misdiagnosed or mistreated? It simply makes no sense to extract the vibrancy, imagination, curiosity and tenacity that define a child; the medication only acts as an anchoring mask to potentially brilliant minded children.

In my opinion there is another solution, a multi-faceted solution that has shown extremely positive results. It starts simply with implementing a balanced diet free of junk foods, providing them with colloidal minerals and also anti-oxidants such as pycnogenol, and digestive enzymes. This combined with regular Chiropractic treatment in which to detect and treat Vertebral Subluxation, exercise as an outlet for the child and plenty of rest to assure the bodies optimal levels can be utilized.

Parents should always be aware of the child’s situation at school in addition. Work with the teaching professionals, make sure your child has not been pigeon holed with labels that can stick with them for their entire school duration. It is very important for all children to develop positive self image form an early age and can be a major factor

If you have a child or know parents currently making these tough decisions on behavioral dilemmas consider telling the about this multi-faceted solution.

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– Doc Huggins

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