OK so you probably know that over the past few months we have designed, built and moved into our new offices.  There is still a pile of detail stuff to take care of and I find myself saying more often than not…I’ll take care of that later!

So over the years I have had my hand in either building directly or consulted for new doctors more than 40 times…40 new offices that all turned out pretty nice. That being said my wife Conny who is a designer has a keen eye and had a tremendous input into building our new premises. Naturally if it were totally up to Conny our ceramic tiles would have been travertine marble etc. You get the picture.

Anyway over the course of the construction the crew would come up with a solution and run it by me and I would agree and say ya sure that’ll work. However when Conny would see something that we were planning or doing she would put a stop to it in a way that a wife of 30 years has the ability to do…

In the early stages of the project I recalled the movie my Big Fat Greek Wedding. The daughter said to the mother that she wanted to do something but the father would not agree. Momma Greek tells daughter…the man may be the head of the household but always remember Tula (or whatever her name was) the woman in the neck… isn’t the truth!

So from that point on I affectionately referred to my wife Conny as The Neck for the rest of the project and I am happy in the end that I did relent on many things.

Well how this is even remotely related to Healthcare and Wellness???

I suppose quite succinctly is that I want to be the Neck for your spinal and chiropractic health care needs…ok I am going to head home now and enjoy the beautiful evening!

Dr H

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