As a Chiropractor I see a variety of different ailments that could easily have been avoided. One of the most common of these is stress that has been induced by exertion. Now when I say this people instantly think of weightlifting or straining ones self doing hard labour, but the culprit of these ever pesky conditions can be far more subtle.

Although it may not seem like it could be causing bodily harm we often do small things in our daily routines which could have a far greater impact on us latter in life.

For example many people carry backpacks, purses, laptops etc…. with them everyday. After years of commuting to work or school carrying such items can do severe damage to our bodies.

You may not know this but even the pressure of a few pounds subjected to the same area of the body can damage and deteriorate tissue.

No matter what you are carrying you should always follow the motto “Pack It Light, Wear It Right”

Here are a few Chiropractic friendly tips that I give to my patients about properly carrying their items.

Carrying a Purse: The weight of the world doesn’t need to be on your shoulders!

  • make sure it is appropriate for your body size and carry with you only items you need
  • Choose lightweight materials
  • Ensure it is no heavier than 15-20% of your body weight
  • Choose wider, padded adjustable straps to provide your shoulders with comfort
  • Clean out your purse once a week to remove deadweight

Carrying a Laptop: When you stress about your workload try not to stress out your body!

  • Choose a backpack style case over a shoulder case this redistributes weight evenly
  • Make sure the straps are adjusted tight to your body it will minimize movement and even out weight
  • Utilize extra pockets once again to distribute weight

Carrying Luggage: Traveling should help you take a load off, don’t let heavy bags put it back on!

  • Choose sturdy, lightweight, high quality and transportable pieces
  • Rolling luggage while save your spine and ease the stress of your travels
  • Never over-pack! only take what is needed

Remember “Pack it light, wear it right!” In our Chiropractic office it is quite remarkable how many injuries of this sort can be avoided. Follow these simple instructions and you will help relieve stress brought fourth on your body by the rigors of day to day life.

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