Usually I prefer to hear that comment in a sporting event but this May past long weekend and the week following we moved our office location of 11 years to our new premises.

Well the last time I moved a home was 1988 so it gives you time to forget the challenges of a move. Our office was 5000 sq feet and I suspect a 1000 sq ft of that needed to be pitched. Today we found a box with a dozen or more pin style printer cords. Hmmm…

I am rediscovering as well that moved in and functional is not finished. We still have a month or so of detail, decorative and other things to take care of.

It brought to mind the stress that everyone deals with when faced with some everyday life issues like moving. You see the nervous system does not know if it is good stress or bad stress. It is more like a binary system where a component is under stress or it isn’t. it is my opinion that the chiropractic adjustment helps your nervous system deal with these stresses and stressors. I should be getting adjusted every day through this experience!!!

All that being said I hope that you can join us here and see what we have been working on. I think you will like the new clinic and I look forward to seeing you here. Well that’s it for now and I will chat with you soon.

Dr H

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