Rezulin: Fast track approval by the FDA aided this medication in sixty-three confirmed deaths and most likely hundreds more. FDA physicians were quoted saying problematic phrases such as “we have real trouble” in 1997 yet the drug remained on the market until 2000

Lotronex: Despite the warnings of high ranking FDA officers the FDA pushed Lotronex through in Febuary of 2000. Nine months later the damage was already done, reports of ninty-three hospitalizations, numerous emergency surgerices and five deaths

Propulsid: One hundred deaths have been linked to this former top-selling medication in addition to hundreds of cases of heart arrhythmias

Redux: Approved in April 1996 to aid weight loss and later linked to heart valve damage and often lethal pulmonary disorders. It was taken of the market in September of 1997

Pondimin: A component of the once popular fad diet drug Fen-Phen and approved in 1973. Like Redux it was linked to often lethal heart valve damage and lethal pulmonary disorders. It was not removed untio the late stages of 1997

Duract: Liver failure which in some cases was fatal took this drug off the market

Seldane: The world’s top selling antihistamine for an entire decade, it took the FDA five years to realize its link to cardiac arrhythmias, blackouts, hospitalization and death. Unfortunately they didn’t decide to remove it for another eight years!

Hismanal: Approved in 1988 causing cardiac arrhythmias until 1999

Posicor: Approved for treating hypertension , the drug caused more than one hundred deaths and was linked to deadly interactions with other medications. Expert advisors reflected “Posicor should not have been approved”

Raxar: Linked to cardiac toxicities and deaths

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