Dr Brian Huggins is pleased to announce that the launch of Wellness Radio and Mediazoic effective today.

Mediazoic is a software maker that allows individuals and organizations to create, customize and deejay their own internet radio stations. Pretty much anyone can create playlists, have complete control over the look and content of their station, and display it anywhere on the web. The network of these musically and culturally diverse stations was unveiled on April 1 at midnight at the launch function at the Revival in Toronto.

Wellness Radio is Dr Huggins’ Mediazoic vehicle. The mission behind wellness radio is to provide a mix of music that it not the same repeated rotation that most terrestrial radio stations have become.

Wellness radio welcomes new artists to provide their music for the listening pleasure this new audience.

“I found this a great opportunity to mix my two passions, music and chiropractic” Dr Huggins said.

“There can be a symbiotic branding with music and your company” stated Paul Cinello a Mediazoic partner.

To listen to Wellness Radio go to https://www.oakvillechiropractic.com/wellness-radio.php

To learn more about Mediazoic go to Mediazoic.com and find out how you can get involved.

Dr Brian Huggins

905 845 2291


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