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Alliance Cares? You bet we do and we would love to share our stories, updates, announcements and new technologies with you at the push of button. The answer, well of course it’s Twitter!!!!

Now I know a lot of you have heard of this Twitter craze recently in the news and it may have drove lots of you (as it did me) to the point of confusion. Well after talking to my children and other professionals I recently found out that it is a system in which to keep (in our case) patients in the loop with everything that is going on at Alliance.

Twitter is a quick and simple update that can be subscribed to by our followers allowing them to be instantly informed with the on goings at Alliance. The updates are short usually just a couple of sentences and entirely free!!!

We would love for you to join us on our journey through health and wellness moving Alliance Healthcare Professionals into the future.

Just go to and sign up to follow us on twitter….

Yours in health & and wellness,

Dr. Brian Huggins

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