Well it has been over two weeks since we moved into our new premises and it seems as if my Things To Do List is actually getting longer…Chaos – disorder, bedlam, pandemonium, commotion, disarray, turmoil … oh well all of these things are present with a move and the settling in period as we search for order.Everyday we inch closer to the finished project but there always seems to be and additional task or reason to keep tweaking the model.

You know that is kind of like our Journey of Health and Wellness. I guess the list of things and actions is never complete because it is a journey. Have you ever even thought that one day you will wake up and say… there it is…I am now complete with Health and Wellness… it doesn’t get better than this….

Well of course this is not the way it goes…. there are so many factors that affect and effect our lives…I think everyone’s goal is complete Health, Happiness and Success but life is about the journey…

Recently I heard on the news that the economic woes are behind us and the last quarter.. bla bla bla… this may be so but I think there are still a large portion of the population that are functioning under Stress…..

Stress can rob you of your health and wellness and that is one thing that I am certain having a properly functioning nervous system is paramount, is integral in anyone living life with health and wellness….chiropractic can do something about stress

The question is do you want to do something about your stress??

I was going to give you the ultimate secret to life and conquering all challenges but I have to go and unpack some more boxes… till next time

PS give us a shout on email if you are picking up what I’m putting down – info@oakvillechiropractic.com.

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