Vitamin D and Depression…..


Last month I wrote a blog on Seasonally Affected Disorder and Vitamin D. Coincidentally Dr. Tiffany Huggins also posted a blog relating to Vit D.


I went back and reviewed my post and realized that I merely stated that supplementation was essential for proper health and wellness.

Recently, perhaps because I wrote that blog in March, I have been asking patients how much of a supplementation are they taking.

Health Canada recommends 600 iu as a recommended amount. This is woefully short in my opinion and that of the opinions that I researched.

Adequate vitamin D levels have been linked with the reduction of risk and the prevention of numerous diseases and ailments including:

 cancer (breast, colon, ovarian and prostate)

 heart disease

 osteoporosis

 diabetes

 multiple sclerosis

 depression

 colds and flus

 high blood pressure

 tuberculosis

 premature death

 acne

The Harvard School of Public Health says that: “Research conducted over the past decade suggests that vitamin D plays a much broader disease-fighting role than once thought.”

Most sources suggest that 4000 IU is a more realistic amount while some suggest 10,000 IU.

If you are concerned surf around and I think you will find that 4000 is not only safe, but desirable.

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