This past weekend we had our Family reunion. It starts with a golf tournament and then festivities ending in a music night where there is no shortage of players.

The thing that startled me was the youngsters that you haven’t seen in the past year. I guess you just forget sometimes what changes can happen to growing people in the short course on a year. There were a couple that you had to do a couple of double takes and the holy freeholy.

I came to the realization this Monday morning that this is the August long weekend. It also coincides with my anniversary to my bride Conny. When I was a lad, you would always hear from your parents or that generation that when you get older time would fly. I am starting to understand that concept.

With time being a limited commodity we always have to remind ourselves to use it with purpose. Those five pounds that you were going to lose next month turns into an echo from last year.

You know health is one of those things that you can only put off for so long until you pay the price of neglect and time. The summer is essentially half over and I think that we need to make and take some action plans for our health and wellness.

Keeping health and wellness is easier than restoring it and it is always tough to put the toothpaste back in the tube.

Make a list of goals for your health and wellness that you will accomplish before time slips away…. Till next time

Dr Huggins

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