When the most of us went to school there was no such thing as ADD or ADHD. In the past twenty years the syndrome has been classified as a disease and it requires drugs. Usually children are given a class II narcotic known as Ritalin. It is widely traded in the streets. When you review many of the shootings like Columbine you find out these children are on psychotropic drugs. The popular acne medication increases risk of suicide. There is a cost to trying to manipulate health through the use of pharmaceuticals. We will evaluate alternatives in.

As a boomer and one who has seen thousands of cases in practice I have come to a number of conclusions. Conclusions about health and wellness and I believe a critical position for your health is to adopt what I have called the Parthenon of Health and Wellness.

You see a Parthenon is composed of many pillars that collectively support the structure. In health you need several strategies to collectively support your structure…your life….you.

It has five essential components and if you address each one and embrace it you have beaten many of the odds that are faced against you. The goal is to minimize all those degenerative diseases and conditions.

The tactics that you need to include are

  • Proper Nutrition- the fuel that runs your body
  • Adequate Exercise and movement
  • Proper Rest and rehabilitative time for your body
  • A Positive Mental Outlook on Life
  • A Properly Functioning Nervous System

I will discuss these components at another time and talk about what are the basics for keeping your engine tuned and firing on all cylinders.

You know… keep your motor runnin… headin down the highway…looking for adventure… for whatever comes your way….Born to be………………….

Till next time…peace

The doc

Dr Brian D Huggins

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