Low Back Pain, Winter Weather and your Chiropractor                                 Dr Brian Huggins

 Dr Brian Huggins Chiropractic Winter CareWell we are deep into winter and the Olympics are just around the corner. This winter has been a blessing for some and of course a curse for others. I personally grew up in the Snowbelt and these winters were quite common however since relocating to Oakville in 1988 this has been the real deal winter.


With the advent of shovelling more snow than your typical year there are a few quick steps to add in order to not move into your chiropractors office. You see this time of year seems to bring with it an uptick in low back pain and visits to the chiropractor.

Quite often these symptoms can be averted with some simple yet effective techniques.

Now consider this….you are a professional hockey, baseball, soccer, tennis, football or fill in the blank player. Would there even be the slightest hesitation to conduct the appropriate warm up routines before you take the pitch, ice, field etc.  Well of course not.

We need to all adopt a bit of that mentality when it comes to physical tasks that you take on around the home or work. You are an Athlete in the Home.

Let’s start with something simple. You wake up and peer out to the driveway and there is 3 inches of snow. What do you do? Well from a chiropractors point of view warm up. Before you get outside, either standing or laying on your back pull each knee to your chest 6-10 times. Next standing with your arms straight out rotate both forward and backward little circles to big circles.  Then grab your elbow in the V of your other arm and stretch. Of course do this on both sides. Stretch your neck from left to right and side to side.

When you are ready to suit up do a quick rotation of your hips both clockwise and counter clockwise. Think of a hula hoop.

Dress appropriately without tight fitting clothing. When you begin your shovelling consider the way to eat an elephant. One bite at a time! Very cliché but a valuable concept. Break down the task into smaller quadrants and tackle these on a smaller basis. Rest and evaluate how your back is handling these things.

You should have already known that the longer handled tools and pushing as opposed to lifting will save the spine.

Remember the ounce of prevention is well worth the pound of cure.

Dr Huggins

PS if you have any questions about any of the exercises or other matters email us at info@oakvillechirorpractic.com and we will be happy to see if we can help.

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