Happy Pride from the Oakville Chiropractic Centre! This week (June 28 th) marked 51 years since the historic Stonewall Uprising where members of the LGBT community fought for gay rights and freedoms. While many establishments were quick to turn away patrons based on colour, creed, and sexual orientation, the Stonewall Inn was one that offered service to even the most marginalized members of society. Though police raids were routine among gay bars in the 1960’s, that night was anything but.

Although the rebellion brought about riots and controversy, it also began paving away for change and better representation within their community both locally and across the globe. In 1970, a year after the uprising, the first gay pride marches took place in New York, LA, and San Francisco. Today, the end of June marks festivities, marches, and parades globally to celebrate pride and recognize the value and voices of the LGBT2Q+ community at large.

Here in Toronto, in one of the most culturally diverse Canadian cities, Pride is a celebration of love and advocacy. Toronto’s mission reads “Pride Toronto supports our communities in the pursuit of our unequivocal rights to be known, be heard, be understood, be accepted, be respect

ed, and to celebrate the beauty of who we are.” Their vision states “No matter who you love or how you identify, you will be safe, valued, equal, and proud.” We would like to echo those sentiments here in Oakville Chiropractic Centre. We are, as we have always been, an all-inclusive facility. We offer a safe space free of prejudice where you will be heard, valued, equal, and well cared for by all the members of our staff. We invite you
to learn more about our family-run centre online or give us a call to make an appointment to meet us here in the clinic. We are friendly, knowledgeable and love what we do—and at the end of the day, that’s all really all that matters, because LOVE IS INDEED, LOVE.

To show our love and support, Oakville Chiropractic Centre has made a charitable donation to an organization we feel strongly about. The Trevor Project provides resources, support, crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to young members of the LGBTQ community. For more information on how you can support this wonderful organization, click here or feel free to research and support other organizations that help foster LGBT support and advocacy. Happy Pride!

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