Flu Shot Controversy

Flu shot controversy!!!  Over the last few years there have been continuing arguments over the efficacy of the flu shot. Right here in Ontario many of the paramedics refused to entertain mandatory flu shots. I think that people have a right to make that decision on their own…specifically what goes into their bodies. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that we do not know what the long-term implications of this type of treatment are. Read the following and include this type of information in your decision making process.

Knowledge and information allows you to be empowered to make correct health care choices.

Why I Never Get Flu Shots – by Chet Day

Every year about this time, quite a few people write me and ask, "My Doctor tells me to get my annual flu shot. Should I do it?"   Well, I don’t diagnose or prescribe, and what you do with your body remains entirely up to you and your doctor (if you still go to a doctor), but I’ll gladly tell you what I do regarding flu shots……. I avoid them like the plague.

In fact, at age 52, I’ve never had a flu shot, and it would take a Marine nurse and at least four burly wrestlers the size of Jessie Ventura to hold me down and give me one.  Perhaps you already sense I have strong feelings about flu shots?  These feelings stem from personal opinion, reading, and dramatic personal experience.  First off, I don’t think toxic chemicals and virus strains grown on living tissue belong in the human body, even when they’re packaged in sterile glass vials.

Since my family and I don’t rely on doctors anymore, I don’t have access to an insert that reveals the composition of this year’s flu vaccine, but I did find some general information at the Concerned Parents for Vaccine Safety web site, where I learned about some of the ingredients used to make vaccines.

  • Do you want any of the following vaccine constituents in YOUR bloodstream?
  • Ethylene glycol (antifreeze)
  • Phenol, also known as carbolic acid (this is used as a disinfectant, dye)
  • Formaldehyde, a known cancer-causing agent
  • Aluminum, which is associated with Alzheimer’s disease and seizures and also cancer producing in laboratory mice (it is used as an additive to
    promote antibody response)
  • Thimerosal (a mercury disinfectant/preservative) can result in brain injury and autoimmune disease
  • Neomycin and Streptomycin (used as antibiotics) have caused allergic reaction in some people.

Vaccines are also grown and strained through animal or human tissue like monkey kidney tissue, chicken embryo, embryonic guinea pig cells, calf serum, and human diploid cells (the dissected organs of aborted human fetuses as in the case of rubella, hepatitis A, and chickenpox vaccines).

Well, I refuse to put all of the above in my body, and I hope when your doctor starts telling you it’s time for your annual flu shot that you’ll require him to defend the annual injection. You or your insurance company’s probably paying eighty bucks for a visit, so get your money’s worth. Have your doctor read you the insert that comes with the vaccine.  Then have him/her explain why it makes sense to inject toxic chemicals into the human body and how such substances can aid the delicate immune system.

Chances are he/she will fall back on questionable statistical and demographic explanations that the medical establishment has used for decades to justify immunization. Try to engage your doctor in a non-confrontational discussion because this is an opportunity for him/her to actually give some serious thought to what he/she is injecting into bodies of patients day after day after day.  Many traditional doctors who haven’t studied diet and lifestyle aren’t going to change unless we help to educate them to what drugs and vaccines may really be doing long-term to people. Okay, to speak from personal experience for a moment, let’s look over our shoulders to 1990, a time period before the Day family turned to natural methods of building health. In February of 1990, right after my wife’s major cancer surgery in January, her doctor recommended a flu shot.  Almost immediately after the injection, my wife started feeling ill.

Overnight she came down with the worst case of flu she’d ever had.  She went to bed and literally didn’t get up again for more than a few hours at a time for years afterwards. Only now, almost a decade later, is she finally regaining full health and energy.  I don’t have space or enough heart yet to tell my wife’s entire story, though I’ll do it one of these days, you can read an article written by another CFIDS sufferer, an article that shows the cause and effect connection between flu vaccines and terrible immune disorders.

Okay, I’m a realist so if was still thinking traditionally, part of me would almost buy into the typical rationale for flu vaccines, that so many people are spared the annual flu and only a few die or have their lives ruined after being injected.  I’d buy into that if I were convinced that injecting a filthy substance into the body actually made sense. Unfortunately, once I stopped buying into the big medical lies about their drug, cut, and burn system, I started questioning all of it.  And when one digs into the vaccine history (check out the Swine Flu vaccine if you want a real horror story) and scientific research (especially in Europe), it quickly becomes apparent that nobody really knows what these toxic stews of chemicals and microorganisms do in the human body. Well, readers and a few medical professionals have called me a simple-minded dolt on more than one occasion, but since 1993 I’ve approached the yearly flu shot hype with the understanding that if I eat and live properly, I won’t have to worry about catching the flu.

The flu vaccine I use — eating and living as close to nature as I can– actually works.

Not only that, but it doesn’t cost a dime, and nobody’s going to have his/her life ruined because of a "bad batch" of vaccine that triggers some mysterious autoimmune disease that lays a person out of commission for years.  But let’s say you don’t want to eat and live close to nature.  Okay, I can understand that, but my next question would be "Which is better? Some rest time with the flu or having toxic chemicals injected into your bloodstream?" I mean, seriously, before I got healthy I almost looked forward to a yearly bout with influenza because it meant I could go to bed and get some rest instead of working practically every waking moment of my life.

I might add that I haven’t missed more than two consecutive days of work from an illness for almost five years, so a non-vaccine approach does work for me. This non-drug approach has resulted in a level of health that continually amazes me, especially when I see other men and women my age who are miserable and without energy.  Men and women who spend all too much of their time drifting from doctor to doctor in endless pursuit of solutions that don’t get to the cause of their problems — diet and life style.

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I personally agree with the flavour of this article. Health is based upon five principles…namely a properly functioning nervous system , moderate exercise, proper nutrition, rest , and a positive mental outlook…naturally one has to avoid toxins as much as possible and realize that health is from inside out…not from a bottle. –Dr. Brian D Huggins

What don’t I know about my heart?

  • The heart beats 100,000 times a day, approximately forty million times a year – nearly three billion pulsations in seventy years. It pumps over 100 gallons of blood per hour through a vascular system about sixty thousand miles in length (over two times the circumference of the earth).
  • The heart’s electromagnetic field is approximately 5000 times greater in strength than the field produced by the brain.
  • The heart has its own brain with over 40,000 neurons which include every type of neuron found in the brain.
  • The heart communicates with the brain in at least four different ways; neurological, chemical, blood pressure wave, and electromagnetic. The heart sends more signals to the brain, than the brain does to the heart.
  • The heart starts beating in the unborn fetus before the brain has been formed.
  • The rhythmic beating patterns of the heart directly affect the electrical activity of the higher brain centers causing inhibition or facilitation of our thinking process.

This information is from the book The HeartMath Solution by Doc Children and Howard Martin.

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