BeaverawardI do realize that this blog maybe somewhat redundant but I really do want to thank the community for our nominations. We truly love have Alliance in Oakville.

As another July passes by us and the dog days of summer continue, we must be grateful, truly grateful to this community for many reasons. After being stationed in Oakville now for over 15 years we have come to love it here, living and breathing everything Oakville.

We started years ago supporting various sports teams and charities,in addition to participating in an assortment of events such as Waterfront Festival and Midnight Madness in addition to being the annual host of Kids Day International.

Through our endeavors we have met courageous and resilient people from all walks of life that make this community such a treasure to be a part of. Through our shared journeys to health and wellness we have come to know the Oakville community and understand its vibrancies.

That’s why we were so happy to hear that for the countless consecutive year our health clinic has been endowed with nominations for achievement in excellence by the Oakville community once again.

Of course I am talking about The Readers Selection Awards presented by the Oakville Beaver, which I mentioned earlier. Every year The Oakville Beaver holds a survey to rate local businesses performances, voted by you the community.

This year Alliance was nominated as best Chiropractic Clinic with Dr. Huggins earning a nod for best Chiropractor. We are happy to say also that three of our Chiropodists have been nominated for top honours in their field as well, they are: Vanessa Pontet. Paul Ginsberg and Gavin Bayndal. In addition Nutritionist Angela Borgeest has been nominated for excellence in her field.

We would love for the community to get out there and helps us bring home the achievements and you can help us by voting! Just go to and get your vote in today the voting ends August 13th.

If you have any questions about the process and need more information don’t hesitate to call 905-845-2291 or visit us at

Thanks Oakvlle, you’re the best!

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