Merry Christmas to all or Happy Holidays if you do not celebrate the Christmas Season.

For a great many of us this season is one punctuated with a greater than norm of food and beverages. This tends to tax the body a little more and then you combine that with the time of year. Now add the mental and physical stress of the season and we have potential chaos.

Especially this year, as we seem to be blessed or cursed (depending upon your viewpoint) with early winter weather.

I want to add a few tips with the tackling of the dreaded snow removal. First off you need to approach it with a Zen like appreciation that you have the opportunity to shovel the snow. Ah yes what an opportunity. Think of it like you are going to the gym only you wear a little heavier clothing line.

Remember to warm up the muscles before you start the routine of removal. Try to include some trunk rotations, shoulder circles, knee to chest and neck rotations. So now we begin…I think if you mentally break the job up into several smaller chunks you will find things a little easier.

Trying to use the proper tools goes a long way as well. If you can push the snow as opposed to lifting clearly this is beneficial. Alternate sides when you use the shovel. Even though it may seem awkward it will tend to balance the strain on your spine and back. When you finish one of the smaller chunks that you have configured in your mind, stop and take a bit of a breather.

Continue working the smaller areas until you have accomplished your goal for the entire driveway.

Ah…the sense of accomplishment, the workout, the beautiful outdoors…oh crap here comes the snowplow to block in the driveway. Oh well the price of living in this part of the world. In July when we are complaining about the heat you will think back and laugh albeit briefly.

Remember in general that Human Race is only an expression and there is no race to complete these tasks at all. You know what is the absolute worst case scenario?? It eventually melts on its own. So don’t stress or overwork yourself because of a little snow. At least pretend to have fun for a little while and your life becomes much more enjoyable.

I know with many families during the holidays it is the dance of the family commitments. Oh yea…a dash to one side of the clan….eat, drink be merry and then off to the other side of the fam to fulfill commitments and not ruffle any feathers. Although you want to see everyone it can be a stressful dance. When you add kids to the mix the challenge intensifies. Breathe…

The reality of the Christmas break is that as hectic and anticipated the day of celebration comes and goes so quickly and we then face the advent of a new year.

With January 1st we all prepare our resolutions for 2008 and set the wheels in motion for a spectacular new beginning. Ah the road to hell is paved with good intentions. We all want to reform ourselves into that perfect human being but as quickly as the time flies from one week to the next our resolutions often go by the wayside. What to do…what to do?

Why not try starting a journal and prioritize your day to the day’s activities. I think that if you do that for one month straight it will make a tremendous difference in your life. Set out the day including a time for stretching, strengthening, and meditation. Be determined to include mental, physical and social tasks to improve your well being. You can improve your function and wellbeing marginally each day…you know the old adage…how do you eat an elephant…one bite at a time or the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Naturally I would recommend that you include chiropractic in your new year matrix of health as it pays grand dividends to you.

You get the picture. Pledge to be great in’08. Do this in small increments and you will achieve great heights.

Health and wellness consists of what I call a Parthenon of Factors. Therefore in your planning include aspects of

  • Proper Nutrition
  • Adequate Exercise
  • Proper Sleep
  • Positive Mental Outlook
  • Properly Functioning Nervous System

If you include all of these aspects you will Fly Like an Eagle. OK name that musician… had to have a bit of trivia in here for you.

So plan to increase your level of being and here is wishing you and yours… Success, Health and Happiness throughout the Holiday Season and the coming year. Peace

Dr Brian D Huggins

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