peacock As you all know, sometimes I like to put a little bit of personality into my blogs,. Often I like to reach past issues of Chiropractic, Spinal Decompression , Sciatica etc… and just convey some of my personal thoughts, today is definitely no exception as I gear up for Thanksgiving.

Are we excited here or what? Its Thanksgiving in the Great White North this weekend and I must relay, over the course of the year this has to be one of my favourite holidays.

What’s better than gathering around family and friends sharing some pumpkin pie, turkey etc… watching movies, maybe a few football games, or just going for that post Turkey stroll around the block.

It’s all a blast for sure, but perhaps the most important aspect of this great holiday is sometimes overlooked and that is truly giving thanks for the great gifts of life!

Sometimes in this face paced world we are bombarded with so much on our plate that we rarely get a time to stop and enjoy the simple and beautiful things. Well, I charge you to take that opportunity this weekend. Lets all fill our plates! Fill them with great food, laughter and joy, take a time to reflect on everything we should be thankful for and for those around the world that we could help.

Remember try to always project the gratitude attitude as a positive outlook on life is a major pillar in the building blocks of health and wellness and just as paramount as a healthy diet, or exercise.

Allow this weekend to refresh yourself and come Tuesday, get back onto your path living a healthy and happy lifestyle. Whether that means renewing old activities, resuming exercising or getting back in for those adjustments to help the immune system shine, lets take this time and reflect.

Remember give thanks and share love. My best Thanksgiving wishes to all of you!!!!!!

– Doc

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