From Autum News Oct 2009

Ok… There are some of you that have slipped with your health and wellness commitment. You know what I am talking about. It happens every year with some people. The summer comes along, you get busy, you are off to the cottage…vacation…you get the story. Well it is time to get back on track. Call the office and set up an appointment today.

On the media news you cannot help but hear the rumblings of the impending doom of the H1N1/Swine Fluepidemic. On the new I heard that some individuals will need up to four doses of the vaccination and this is till not a surefire way to avoid the flu.

I think when you review the basics there are some common sense things that you need to do with you and your family. We are hosting a Swine Flu Workshop where I will detail the steps to mitigate any exposure for you and your family.

Naturally from my perspective anything that boosts your immune system, increases tumour Necrosing factor, decreases stress is a no brainer. So when you are in the office even if you don’t come to the the workshop make sure you pick up an outline of What To Do.

Have a great Thanksgiving hope to see you soon in the office soon….

Yours Truly,

Dr. Brian D. Huggins

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