Now I am not referring to any alcohol consumed by those of you that may have participated in festivities associated with dressing up and imbibing in the spirit of the season.

I am referring to the ongoing challenge of the Halloween leftovers. One always hopes that there is a direct one to one correlation to the number of gremlins and goblins that knock on the door and the amount of candy purchased for distribution.

Unfortunately this year the number of participants was considerably lower than peanut butter cups and bags of chips.

I spoke with many of you in August about a purge of toxins in the liver and the liver enhancement program. I suggested at that time it should be executed at least 2-3 times per year. I think that I have revived my thinking process with respect to frequency.

Naturally a summer cleanse is crucial for your health and wellness. Now you need to add one for the after effects of Thanksgiving/Halloween. It is a no brainer that an early January cleanse is sensible. I don’t know how heavy you get into February 14th with it chocolate temptations and then we come upon the Easter Break and feast.

So I guess what I am saying is for your health and wellness make sure you add a liver cleanse for every season.

The reason I mention this is that not all of us treat our bodies and livers top drawer 365. So if you wander off the path occasionally make sure you cleanse that liver to prevent not only obesity but most of the killer diseases.

When it comes to those little bars of sugar hopefully we can be under the spell of Star Wars Obi One ….”these are not the bars you are looking for”

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