What a time we are living in. Here in the Halton Region we are entering Phase II of re-opening during the Coronavirus. In addition to all of the COVID-19 madness, we have seen society screaming out with social injustice and racial bigotry. I cannot totally understand the issues as I have not walked in those shoes, but I can assure you that we at the Oakville Chiropractic Centre are totally empathetic and support the message Black Lives Matter.

The videos that have leaked show abhorrent behaviour and devoid of humane
treatment. It saddens and hurts to see the treatment and understand what systemic racism is and learn how it has affected people of colour throughout their lives. We are proud to live in a country like Canada, home to Toronto, one of the most diverse cities in the world and it’s time for everyone to start respecting that.

Here at the Oakville Chiropractic Centre, we want to make it very clear that we welcome and embrace everyone at our office regardless of your colour, religion and sexuality and would hope that others offer the same respect to fellow human beings as you would expect of yourself. Be kind and respectful and everyone will benefit.

All in all, we take a knee with you and sincerely hope that the old guard embraces the
diversity of today’s world. We can all start by educating not only ourselves but our little ones that hold the future. Teach, encourage questions, have discussions that touch on uncomfortable subjects. It is time that everyone does their part to make this a safer world for our brothers and sisters of colour.

If you are looking to help the cause, donations are a great place to start. We have chosen to donate to Black Lives Matter directly through the website https://blacklivesmatter.com. The process to do so is very quick and easy. Click on the donate button in the top right and follow the prompts.

This is not chiropractic related post but a human post. Hang in there everyone and let’s move forward with purpose and compassion.

Dr. Brian Huggins

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